2010 - present

A butch standing in front of a lake with her back to the camera. Her shirt says make it hurt, and she has a hunter green hankerchief in her back left pocket
The Olympic Rainforest shot in Lomochrome purple
The Olympic Rainforest shot in Lomochrome purple
A tombstone sits in front of a view of the ocean
An overhead view of a collection of objects resting against a grave. A light leak leaves a jagged mark through the middle of the image.
A hazy view of a hill in the distance. The top is covered with fog.
A stack of books is illuminated by back light
A picture of a girl is doubled and reflected, her face and arms intersecting in a black and white portrait.
A back view of the neck of a white person, a single feather peeking from their hair and draping down their neck.
A girl wearing a dotted dress holds out her hands, each finger with a string attached to flowers. Her face cannot be seen.
A polaroid of a bouquet of flowers
A hand reaches out to touch the surface of water. The reflection is seen in shadow.
A raccoon skull and some wilted plants are nestled within a lace fabric.
A polaroid of a sunset in Taos New Mexico
Light reflects off a close up of two blue bottles in the foreground surrounded by plants.
A nude model with eyes closed and gaze somewhat upward is contact printed with plants on top in white. Tendrils of light leak paint the image.
A close up three quarters portrait of a model, her gaze towards the camera. Her right eye has been contact printed with a flower, and the impression of petals can be seen.
A nude model facing towards the camera has been overlaid with a lumen print, the plant form obscuring her face and upper body.