Snippets of life, mark making, in progress projects, etc
⤳ rose.png
⤳ Experiments with VQGAN + CLIP
⤳ rose.png
⤳ Wet cyanotype developing in the sun
⤳ Playing with cyanotype on paper
⤳ Small starts on an outdoor garden
Musings on long term space travel

Generation ships each containing a communal fermentation culture to help mitigate the effects of sterility in space. Each generation ship with its own unique microbiome culture and related food/drink histories and culture associated with it.

⤳ Natural dyeing with cochineal
⤳ Woven chevrons
⤳ Pigmentscape
⤳ Redwood cone dyeing
⤳ Northern California Graveyard
⤳ Somewhere on the Northern California coast